June 2023

Countdown to the First Day!

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Meet Ashanti Blackmon!

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Ashanti Blackmon

Hello Mt. Nebo!


Ashanti played football for BYU from 2014-2016! He enjoys training kids in his off time and Enjoys teaching kids!

Meet Kellie Nelson!

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Kellie Nelson

Hello Mt. Nebo!

I am so excited to teach 6th grade science! I’ve taught 6th, 5th, & 3rd grades, but 6th graders are definitely my favorite. I grew up in Pleasant Grove and graduated from BYU where I was a member of the Ballroom Dance Company. My husband and I have been married for 21 years and we live in Salem . We have two teenage boys and a cute puppy named Finn. If I'm not at school, you can find me at the golf course or soccer field with my boys, or enjoying a churro and riding Space Mountain at the Happiest Place on Earth. I’m thrilled to be teaching at Mt. Nebo and I can’t wait to get this school year started!

Meet Zoë Trainor!

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Zoë Trainor

Hello everyone!

My name is Zoë Trainor and this will be my first year teaching at Mt Nebo Middle School. Here are a couple of things about me! I’m from Portland Oregon, and I went to Oregon State University for my BFA and Utah Valley University where I am finishing my Masters’ degree in Secondary Art Education. I am very passionate about creativity and especially having fun in art. I often paint portraits of pets and animals, especially cows! Outside of school, I love to run and have a goal of running a marathon all 50 states. I will be running #4 (Nevada) in October! Some of my favorite things to do include going on tandem bike rides, playing soccer, making homemade ice cream, visiting national parks and reading adventure books. Something I always love to talk about is what people like to read- and I’m always looking for good recommendation! 

Meet Abigail Daniel!

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Abigail Dean

My name is Abigail Daniel and I’m excited to be teaching 7th grade science this upcoming school year. I recently graduated from BYU with a degree in biological science education. When I was in middle school, Missouri (my home state) saw one of the largest ever cicada broods emerge, so I spent most of my time running around our family's farm collecting the molts left behind by the adult bugs. Which my sister and I called roach brooches. I still love collecting insects, spending time outdoors, and trying my best to keep my little city garden alive.

Meet Aliza Morrell!

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Aliza Morrell

My name is Aliza Morrell and I’ve been a school counselor for four years. My husband, Chris, and I have a little boy named Max who we adore. I love to read so send me any recommendations you have! When I was in middle school I loved to play basketball with my friends. I look forward to meeting and working with you! 

Meet McKenzie Bennett!

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Mrs. Bennett

Hi! I’m Mrs. Bennett! I have been teaching elementary school for 7 years! Math has always been my absolute favorite subject and I am excited to be a new 7th grade math teacher. In my free time you can find me riding horses, biking with my husband and one year old baby, playing with my two dogs or making yummy food! In 7th grade I was living in Chicago and participated in cheerleading.