Parent-Teacher Conferences | February 2021

Please click on the names below to view a video message from each of your student's teachers (counselor links are listed below):

Closed captioning available on all videos and can be translated into any language using the "settings" button.
Subtítulos disponibles por todos los videos y se pueden traducir en español usando el botón "Configuración".


Alldredge, Rachelle Appointment Sign-Up

Fordiani, Erica Appointment Sign-Up

Mendenhall, Tim Appointment Sign-Up

Allred, Beth Appointment Sign-Up

Franco, Alexandra Appointment Sign-Up

Miller, Myra Appointment Sign-Up

Alvey, Heather Appointment Sign-Up

Hacking, Chad | World History Communications Appointment Sign-Up

Nowell, Zak Appointment Sign-Up

Baguley, Donna Appointment Sign-Up

Hailstone, Jane Appointment Sign-Up

Olson, Sandy Appointment Sign-Up

Barker, Delicia Appointment Sign-Up

Hanks, Courtney Appointment Sign-Up

Ovard, Caleb Appointment Sign-Up

Brown, Christine Appointment Sign-Up

Hansen, Jennifer Appointment Sign-Up

Pehrson, Kaylee Appointment Sign-Up

Bufton, Doni Appointment Sign-Up

Hunt, Gregory | Art Tech Theater Appointment Sign-Up

Ray, Denise Appointment Sign-Up

Capell, Amber Appointment Sign-Up

Jacobson, Tiffany | Choir Tech Theather Appointment Sign-Up

Schofield, Nicole Appointment Sign-Up 

Carter, Jenny Appointment Sign-Up

Johnson, Sheila Appointment Sign-Up

Solorzano, Veronica Appointment Sign-Up

Cope, Austin Appointment Sign-Up

Krieger-James, Kurt Appointment Sign-Up

Spencer, Gwen | Dance | Reading Appointment Sign-Up

Cox, Kellie Appointment Sign-Up

Ledesma, Marco Appointment Sign-Up

Stewart, Madison Appointment Sign-Up

Davis, Charlotte See email from teacher

Luckau, Konda Appointment Sign-Up

Stoneman, Mary Appointment Sign-Up

Dean, Mariel Appointment Sign-Up

Lundell, Tara Appointment Sign-Up

Van Nosdol, Carrie Appointment Sign-Up

Dinkel, Trudy Appointment Sign-Up

Marziale, Ben Appointment Sign-Up

Wettstein, Mindy Appointment Sign-Up

Evans, Zach Appointment Sign-Up

McFarland, Scott Appointment Sign-Up



To set an appointment with a counselor, please follow these links:

Bird, Jon (Q-Z) jon [dot] bird [at] nebo [dot] edu (Email for Appointment)

Daniels, Megan (E-J) megan [dot] daniels [at] nebo [dot] edu (Email for Appointment)

Muhlestein, Lynette (K-P) lynette [dot] muhlestein [at] nebo [dot] edu (Email for Appointment)

Robinson, Mike (A-D) mike [dot] robinson [at] nebo [dot] edu (Email for Appointment)